Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Touchmods team has a new website

The Touchmods team have a new website.

As some of you may know. The website was down for all of christmas day. Due to this being one of the hottest times for the team, they decided to start up a new site. I just checked and it seems that the old site is up and running again HOWEVER, the Touchmods team will, from now on out ONLY use the new site.

You can visit the site here


Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quality comes first!!

It looks as if the team over at touch mods blog are working hard for the holidays. They are getting the line up ready as we speak.

Doesn't it look beautiful? Just the sheer elegance in it. No big factory to run a line of these. Nope. These are 100% hand made with 100% quality assurance. Great job guys.

Can't wait to see this project take off like a rocket. Keep an eye out and I will keep you posted on the coming events.

Friday, December 21, 2007

VoIP and a beautifully crafted mic for the iPod Touch.

Well it seems that the guys over at have pulled a BIG rabbit out of their hat.

They have managed to find an audio line in on the ipod Touch. This is great. But they didn't stop there. They have now designed and crafted beautiful little mic that will attach to your dock connection port. Now you can actually make voice notes and what is even better, with the new application that they will be releasing on New Years Day you will be able to make Phone calls through VoIP. This is absolutely fantastic. Who would of ever thought that you could end up making phone calls on the ipod touch??? Well I should be receiving my new mic soon and I will post pics as soon as I can.

In the meantime, go check out their site for more information.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween KitKat

This one is for my friend the "goddess"

My wife knows how much I love KitKat's . So, this evening after the misses got home. She handed me a "Halloween" KitKat.
That was really cool since my favorite holiday is Halloween.

It didn't quite taste the same as the regular(of course) however, it had a strange yet satisfying taste.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just got me an ipod touch. Yippee!!!

Well, I broke down today and bought the new ipod touch.

Let me tell you. . . It was money definately well spent. That thing is amazing compared to my last one.
The browser and WiFi works great. Fairly fast as well. Video quality is superb and sound is great.
I first wanted to get the iphone when it comes out here however, I have a fairly decent phone and no need to trade it in. I am glad that I decided to get this rather than the iphone.
The only downfall that I can see so far is the lack of ability to edit your calander. You can sync your calander events however, you can not edit them on the run. The other downside is that it doesn't have the mail function as the iphone does. You can however, just check your mail on line. It would be nice to have my mail pushed to my ipod however, checking online works just as well.

Anyway, if you are in need of a new ipod, I highly recommend it.

Sorry for the poor pics, I didn't feel like breaking out the big camera.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This stuff is worse than drugs. . .

Chocolate. . .

To be precise, Willy Wonka's chocolate. All I can say is WOW, This is amazingly delicious chocolate. I am hooked.

So far, the only place that I have found that has it for sale is Tokyu Hands and it runs around 5 or 600yen. I was at the one in Shinjuku, in the halloween section. Shortly after you get off of the esclator, you will see a display swarming with a herd of japanese people watching this movie on a small screen tv on the display. Once you break through the croud a finally reach the display, be sure that you grab more that one bar. Beleive me, you can't just stop with one!!
That is, I assume, why they have a Wonka bus set.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Toys-R-Us Rocks!!

After all of the hustle and bustle at the house for the birthday surprise, we went to the Toys-R-Us in Fuchu. We decided to go ahead and get Aya's birthday present. No it wasn't the car. We got her a slide set. Will post pics of it soon.